90's Rulez! A musical journey into the 90s selected & mixed by Luca Wolf. New episodes every friday plus a special 1hr set every last friday of the month. Any missing track or special version you wuold like to listen? notify me at info@lucawolf.com / Free download on www.lucawolf.com



  • Gimme a fat beat by Digital Boy
  • Pull over by SpeeDJ
  • Thunder by Mato Grosso
  • Profondo rosso by Jago
  • This is mutha f**ker by Digital Boy
  • Who is Elvis by Phenomania
  • James Brown is dead by L.A. Style
  • Euphemia by Mephisto
  • Inssomniak (i come back) by D.J.P.C.
  • Anasthasia by T99
  • Extasy express by The E.N.D.
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