90's Rulez! A musical journey into the 90s selected & mixed by Luca Wolf. New episodes every friday plus a special 1hr set every last friday of the month. Any missing track or special version you wuold like to listen? notify me at info@lucawolf.com / Free download on www.lucawolf.com



  1. Carillon by Magic Box
  2. Dreamland by DJ Ross
  3. Play this song by 2 Fabiola
  4. Eins Zwei Polizei by Mo-Do
  5. Me And You by Alexia feat. Double You
  6. Because Loving You by Double You
  7. Firestarter by The Prodigy
  8. Mantra (R.A.F. By Picotto Mix) by Datura
  9. la Danza Delle Streghe by Gabry Ponte
  10. Zombie Nation by Kernkraft 400
  11. I Love You Darling by C.Y.B.
  12. Gigi’s Violin by Gigi d’Agostino
  13. La Vache by Milk Incorporated
  14. Lovin’ Times by Web
  15. Up & Down by Vengaboys
  16. Doop by Doop
  17. Played A Live by Safri Duo
  18. Mysterious Times by Sash! feat. Tina Cousins
  19. Tonight (Ti.Pi.Cal. Rmx) by The Presence
  20. Peace by Blackwood
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